VoIP connectivity isn’t a product — it’s a 24/7 service. We monitor each and every link, and as soon as we detect a problem, we’ll take proactive measures to fix it. If your service isn’t quickly restored, we’ll automatically escalate the complaint to your provider and forward your calls to your alternate destination. This could be another branch, a cellphone or a voicemail box.
We work with most major providers including NeoTel, Internet Solutions, and Telkom, meaning that it’s unlikely that we will ask you to switch internet providers. As long as your current service is fast and reliable enough, we won’t run into any issues establishing VoIP connectivity with your business.

VoIP service is extremely scalable, so it works equally well for businesses with two employees and two thousand employees.
Call recording runs on our cloud service, so you’ll never run into downtime or lost calls. With robust security measures, your recorded calls are protected against theft, file corruption, and other forms of data loss. Keep calls for as long as needed and automatically delete them after a set time period.